The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Angel Locsin

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin, one of the most iconic and beloved actresses of the Philippines, doesnt just have her fans saying “I love you!”. Over the years, she has truly made an amazing name for herself not only as a performer and celebrity, but also as a philanthropist and an incredibly kind hearted human being. With all that she’s done and all that she continues to do for the people around her and for the country, its no wonder that people love and admire her so much. Whether youre a fan or not, here are 10 reasons why we love Angel Locsin.

Talented Actress

Even from a young age, Angel Locsin already had a keen eye for acting. At the age of 15, her younger brother convinced her to audition for the teen series “Love to Love," and she went on to become one of the shows leading stars! This began her illustrious acting career and made her a household name.

Over the years, she has featured in multiple projects as an actress, such as classic fantasy drama “Darna” and the musical series “Mulawin”. She’s also had multiple film appearances, such as in “In The Name of Love,” ”One More Try,” and the horror-thriller “The Healing.” It's clear that she has a wonderful, deep connection with the characters she portrays, and this is why we love her so much!

Generous Philanthropy

No matter what projects she’s taken on, Angel Locsin has always managed to stay true to herself and to who she is as a person. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s a regularly involved in philanthropic activities and advocacies. In addition to taking on the UNFPA’s “Protect Against Gender-Based Violence” campaign, she’s also partnered up with the ABS-CBN Foundation in order to help the less fortunate through their Bantay Kalikasan program.

During the pandemic, Angel Locsin also made sure to use her platform to donate multiple relief packages to families in need, including 125,000 pesos and 10,000 kilos of rice. She never ceases to amaze us with her generous and selfless spirit.


Apart from her charitable and philanthropic efforts, Angel Locsin has also made an effort to use her platform in advocating for the rights of people, animals, and the planet. She’s spoken up multiple times on various causes and topics, such as rising sea levels, water regions, and animal cruelty. She’s also often offered her support to women’s rights, health rights, and other important matters that should never be seen as controversial in the first place.

Fighter for the Environment

In addition to her activism, Angel Locsin has also been an advocate for the environment, often speaking out against rapid deforestation, illegal fishing, and other matters concerning nature and its conservation. She set up her own foundation, Alchemy of Nature, which focuses on raising awareness about the environment and how we can all do our part to help conserve it. Through the foundation, she’s helped build up native communities and provided them with educational resources and support.

Genuinely Caring Person

It can’t be denied that Angel Locsin is one of the most genuine people ever. Both on and off-screen, she shows a tremendous amount of love and sincerity to her friends and family. Her fans have also has the chance to witness her empathy and kindness for the people that she interacts with, be it through social media or through face to face meetings. It’s no wonder why she’s so beloved by so many.

Incredible Style

When it comes to fashion, Angel Locsin has proved that she has amazing taste and an eye for the trendiest styles. Whether she’s on the red carpet or on the streets, she always manages to look incredibly stunning and put together. And she’s not afraid to self-style either! Her courage in picking her own outfits has made her a style icon not only in the Philippines but internationally as well.

Inspiration to Others

Whether it’s through her philanthropy, activism, or her incredible fashion sense, Angel Locsin continues to be an amazing source of inspiration to people everywhere. Her strength, courage, and determination to make a difference in the world is something that truly resonates with her fans, and it’s amazing to see how inspired people are with her and how much it means to them. Clearly, Angel Locsin is a role model for the masses.

Consistent Self-Improvement

Angel Locsin also places great emphasis on her physical health. Over the last few years, she’s made it a point to make sure that she’s always in her very best shape, often working out and eating healthier in order to stay fit and healthy. She’s also continuously trying to better herself through learning new skills and knowledge, which is why she’s often seen attending seminars and classes in her free time. We love her dedication to self-improvement!

Loves Spending Time With Her Loved Ones

Angel Locsin is never too busy to make time for her friends and family. She’s often seen spending quality time with her close friends and family members, such as catching up on movies with them, indulging in some great food, and simply enjoying each other’s company. We all have that same kind of love for our families, and it’s great to see her treasuring hers the same way too.

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