The Rise of the Philadelphia 76ers - OKBET Casino Online

The Rise of the Philadelphia 76ers - OKBET Casino Online

As championships have been hard to come by in the past 3 decades, the Philadelphia 76ers have experienced an incredible resurgence in recent years, that has catapulted them to the top of the NBAs standings. After years of struggle and rebuilding, the 76ers are finally bringing a championship caliber team to the city of Philadelphia and OKBET Casino Online Philippines has all the latest news!

The Rebuild Begins: The Sam Hinkie Era

When Sam Hinkie took the helm of the 76ers in 2013, he knew the franchise had a long way to go before returning to the top of the NBA. His first order of business was to embark on what he coined a “process” of rebuilding the team—one which involved completely reinventing the team’s roster, strategy, and culture with an eye towards a long term vision.

Via a series of trades and draft picks, Hinkie acquired high-potential players like Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Dario Saric just to name a few and surrounded them with a slew of veteran players to bring a steady hand and consistent leadership. In the face of numerous skeptics and critics, the 76ers’ “process” has proven to be the right move.

Leading the League in Talent

The 76ers’ roster is made up of some of the best young talent in the NBA. Center Joel Embiid is a defensive force in the paint, averaging 27.5 points and 11.6 rebounds per game which is no surprise to anyone familiar with his storied career at Kansas. Ben Simmons, too, is a once in a generation type of player. He leads the team in assists (8.6) and steals (2.2), while averaging 17.4 points per game. With such dynamic talent—together with the presence of veteran Jimmy Butler—the 76ers have rocketed to the top of the Eastern Conference standings, and are looking to contend for the championship.

The Return of Philly Basketball

Since their inception in 1946, the 76ers have had a historic presence in the NBA. Already boasting 3 championships, the team is now looking to add to its legacy—and OKBET Casino Online Philippines is proud to be following their journey. Knowing the history of iconic figures like Julius Irving and Allen Iverson, Philly basketball fans are eager to cheer on a team that can bring back the excitement of the “old days”, as well as a championship banner to boot.

Experience the Excitement with OKBET Casino Online Philippines

As the 76ers continue their historic journey towards the NBA Championship, OKBET Casino Online Philippines has all the latest news and updates on their progress. Be sure to follow us to stay up to date on the team’s progress, and take advantage of the best offers when you play with OKBET Casino Online Philippines. Hoping to join the celebration? Stay with us and experience the excitement of the Philadelphia 76ers’ historic journey!