Philippine Sabong - Discover The Art Of Breeding

Philippine Sabong - Discover The Art Of Breeding

The History of Philippine Sabong The history of Philippine Sabong goes back to times of the early settlers in the Philippines. Sabong, translated as cockfighting , is believed to have originated from a native game called pitick . However, the earliest records of Sabong were from the 15th century, during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Back then, to be able to own a rooster for cockfighting was a status symbol. Only the wealthy could afford to buy and breed one. Sabong was popular among traditional Filipino martial arts like arnis and kali. In these forms, the roosters were tied together and made to fight for entertainment. It is often said that it s a way for warriors to hone their skills. The sport of cockfighting continued throughout the centuries, and it still holds a strong place in Philippine culture today. Sabong is now a professional sport and gambling game. Today, it s a multi-million dollar industry that generates immense amounts of revenue for the Philippine government, which regulates the sport.

The Rules and Regulation of Philippine Sabong

Today, Philippine Sabong is strictly regulated and a strong set of rules has been put into place to ensure fairness and safety of the game. The rules and regulations are outlined by the Philippine Cockfighting League.

The match will begin with a “cockfight walk”, which is a pre-match ritual where the roosters and trainers parade around the ring. The trainers must also provide various documents to ensure that their roosters are up to the regulations set by the league.

Once the match begins, the referee will call a “toss” or a “tug”. This is when the referee will check both roosters to ensure that they are in fighting condition and that no drugs or performance-enhancing substances have been used.

Sabong is divided into two stages, which are the “sanctioned round” and the “non-sanctioned round”. In the sanctioned round, a rooster will only be acknowledged as the winner if it has inflicted a certain level of damage to its opponent. In the non-sanctioned round, the match is judged by the referee, who will declare a winner based on their opinion.


Breeding is an important part of Philippine Sabong. It’s especially important for owners who want to produce the best performing roosters. There are a few techniques that are commonly used for Sabong breeding. One technique is the selective breeding. This is when the breeders select the most desirable traits of the roosters and breed them together.

Another common breeding method is cross breeding. This is when two different breeds of roosters are crossed together to create a new breed. This is a useful technique as it can produce a rooster that has a combination of desirable traits from both breeds.

Lastly, roosters can also be bred with smuggled roosters from other parts of the world. This has become increasingly common as these smuggled roosters often have traits that are desirable in a Sabong rooster.

Popular Breeds

There are a few popular breeds that are used for Philippine Sabong. One of the most popular is the Lechon, which is a crossbreed between the Philippine native Lechon and the imported Grey Leghorn.

The Lechon is well known for being a vigorous fighter and having good stamina. It is highly sought after for its aggressive fighting style.

Another popular breed is the Madras, which is a crossbreed between the native Madras and the imported White Leghorn. This breed is known for its strong pecking power and is often used in long fights.

Lastly, the Tribal is another popular breed, which is a cross between the native Philippine Tribal and the wild Amul. This is another aggressive fighting breed that is favoured by many Sabong owners.


Despite being heavily regulated and governed by a set of rules, Sabong is still a dangerous sport. The injuries inflicted by the roosters can be severe, and sometimes even fatal.

Thus, it is important for Sabong participants to observe the proper safety protocols and follow the rules and regulations. Most importantly, Sabong participants are not allowed to use any performance-enhancing drugs or weapons on their roosters.

All participants must also use protective gear such as gloves, masks, and protective clothing. These measures are necessary to ensure that safety is maintained throughout the fight.


Philippine Sabong is an ancient sport embedded in the Filipino culture and heritage. It is a unique sport that requires a certain level of skill and technique, which is why it’s important to gain an understanding of the traditional breeding techniques and rules of the sport. We hope this step-by-step guide has helped to give you an insight into the sport and its rules, and that you’re looking forward to exploring the world of Sabong.

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